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Here you can find all the events organised or hosted by agnès b, in particular by agnès b. activities!!, the Paris head office, but also in subsidiary companies in Europe, Asia and America. A diversity and a cultural offering of quality which reflects the designer's tastes and influences!


From March 5, the fabric sales at 5€ the meter is on for ever in our women Paris rue de Marseille and Lyon's shops... Deliveries on Wednesday 7 March, 11 April and 16 May
13 rue de Marseille, Paris 10e

24 rue Auguste Comte, Lyon 2

fabric sales!!

agnès b. and the pastry chef Hugues Pouget, founder of the French pâtisserie Hugo & Victor, wanted to create together a Christmas collection combining their respective savoir-faire. agnès b. wanted a traditional Yule log, the one prepared with love [...]

agnès b. x Hugo & Victor