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Tara Expeditions

As the main supporter of Tara Expeditions, agnès b. is sensitive to the fate of the planet. She has supported the ship’s projects and expeditions since its beginning.
“I have personally committed myself to this project since 2003, which at the time could seem like a complete utopia,” she says. “Finally, it is a remarkable story. Above all, it is a program that gives progress to science and which will continue this mission with Tara Oceans expeditions. We have succeeded to raise the consciousness of young people to the environment thanks to Tara’s human and scientific adventures.”


As the main supporter of Tara, agnès b. is pleased to announce departure of the research schooner from its home port of Lorient, France on May 28 and the launch of the Tara Pacific expedition. From May 2016 through September 2018, Tara will sail [...]

Tara Pacific

agnès b. supports the schooner Tara since 2003 and is happy to announce the presence of the schooner in Paris, from November 12th till December 18th. Tara will support the ambition of a necessary agreement to fight against the global warming in the [...]

Tara in Paris for the COP 21